We have developed a new process that allows you more attention to detail without the effort. At last, crisp clean signage is achievable without light leaks and dirt build up.

The ACRYFILL™ method of sign fabrication eliminates the age-old problem of light leakage allowing us to achieve precision in lettering and design. We have eliminated the problem of dirt build up that causes color fading, typical with the normal "push thru" method.

Ten years of testing went into perfecting this process so that our clients can benefit from expert craftsmanship. Our special STEKLO production room is made of proprietary construction and specialized fixtures. This provides the environmental controls necessary to ensure consistent quality output.

Armed with the ACRYFILL™ method we can execute some of the most demanding assignments to deliver:

  • Superior quality illuminated boxes throughout the lifetime of the sign without changes in color due to dirt.
  • Versatile inlays to marble, glass or metal allowing for flush surfaces in applications such as flooring and plaques.
  • Complex design execution.
  • Durability in interior and exterior signage with fine detailing and perfect edging.
  • A multitude of color matches so that we can custom match any color.
  • Cost and time savings to our clients.

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